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Zebra Skin Rug

A US licensed supplier, with daily shipments from South Africa and the US. Best part of it all! Free international shipping.

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zebra hide rug

Zebra Skin Rug

Zebra Skin rugs have become an exceptional commodity in any interior space, adding a unique sense of African authenticity. We are experts in both grade A and B zebra skin rug offered at an affordable price whilst sustaining excellent quality. We endeavor to deliver the highest quality rugs as well as exceptional customer service to all our clientele and those who are first time buyers. With nearly 100 sales spanned over 22 countries, we know how to listen, help and provide our clients with a product that is better suited for their needs.

zebra skin rug

Quality Zebra Rug

All the rugs we supply are Grade A and B zebra hide with minimum to no scars and exceptional contrasting colors. We selectively hand pick all our rugs, making sure that they meet our standards, minimizing issues such as fading and the occurrence of scars. Please note that every Zebra rug varies in size, texture and appearance and none look the same. The significant goal to all our clients is to provide them with top class service along with a product that is money well invested. For more information on our hides, please visit our store.

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Zebra Skin Decor Goal

The minute you arrive on our website, our main objective is to assure that you receive relevant content and know that we are here to answer all your questions and concerns. Zebra skins make the perfect accessory for many homes and businesses around the world, adding quality and character to any space. For those who are hunters and Interior decorators, we promise you this will be your final destination to selecting our unmatchable and beautiful top quality skins. We offer both competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Each zebra skin rug from zebraskindecor is simply amazing. This is visible with our clients and how they express their love for each rug purchased.
Wow! First of all I have to say that of all the suppliers out there, you guys website is hands down the best and very easy to maneuver. Your rugs are pristine, soft and I couldn’t be happier with the skin I received today.
Hello! I rarely leave reviews or comments but I just had to write and express just how beautiful my zebra rug is and how smooth the shipping went.  Thank you and god bless. Australia

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      • Over the years we have become a trusted supplier to clients across the globe.
      • Free international shipping on all zebra skin orders completed on our online store.
      • Customer Satisfaction. We are happy when our clients are happy.
      • Worldwide supplier! We ship globally and have sold to over to 20 countries.
      • Best Prices hands down to any other competitive site.